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Stepping Into Your Power

A potent self-study program teaching women how to step into their power & meet their Higher Self.

Meet Your Higher Self


Aloha Beautiful!

Welcome! I am beyond excited that you're here!


I have been living, embodying and teaching this knowledge for over 23 years.


It has been responsible for the biggest healing, leveling up and transformations in my life.

I teach you super potent tools and techniques that you can use daily to start creating major shifts in your life. My goal for all my clients is to achieve their vision, and live a blissed out life where all areas of their life are in balance and resonating at the highest vibration.


Please click the "Invest Here" button below to enrol in the program.

About The Program...
A potent self-study program teaching women how to step into their power & meet their Higher Self.
• a self-study program
• 17 videos
2 workbooks
• bonus guided meditation (audio experience)
Calming breath and Energizing breathwork techniques
4 in total
meditation instruction where every woman will be taught how to meditate and will have an opportunity to choose a mantra that resonates with her unique vibration
guided meditations
Innerwork/Mindset work 
Magnetism, Energy and how to raise your vibration
the energetics of our being
the nature of the mind
how to access your Higher Self
NOTE: with Lifetime access to these videos you will have the opportunity to revisit this knowledge again and again.
to embody the knowledge
to embody the Divine Feminine
to learn a 5-7 min at home Breath-work & Meditation practice
 to access your Higher Self 
What's included?


A self-paced, self-study program consisting of 17 videos + 4 bonus guided meditation videos

2 workbooks containing multiple journal prompts designed to help you dive deep

Regular Payment Plans:
2 monthly installments of $488 each
3 monthly installments of $333 each
4 monthly installments of $288 each
Click the INVEST HERE button to pay in full
or email me at to request the payment link to one of the payment plans.
Once payment is made (using "INVEST HERE" button below and you've created a Login Profile using the "Log In" link in the upper right hand corner of the website, please allow a maximum of 24 hours for your account to be created in our database and for you to be granted the appropriate permission roles to access the program.  
I cannot wait to see you inside!
With Aloha,

About Me

Hi, I'm Dagmara. Welcome! I'm so glad you found me. My passion is working with women and supporting them to become the best versions of themselves. Most often the woman is at the heart and centre of every home. Her pace and mood sets the mood of the home. When a woman is healthy, feels supported and thriving, her partner, family and closest circle thrive as well. Her marriage and relationships are peaceful and full of joy.

I am honoured to work with a variety of women and humbled to see the transformation that takes place. Stress melts. Radiance remains.

My goal is for my clients to achieve a BLISSED out life where all areas of their life are in BALANCE and RESONATING at the HIGHEST VIBRATION. Over the years I have worked hard to accomplish this for myself and my family and it is now my privilege and passion to work with others to help them realize their vision and dreams.


My simple, yet highly effective techniques have allowed me to:

* heal childhood trauma

*raise a thriving family where my three boys are genuinely happy and on their way to achieving great things

*have a sexy & sensual relationship and marriage to my adoring husband of 28 years

*live in my sweet home at the base of a beautiful mountain range in Hawaii overlooking the ocean

*an owner and entrepreneur of 4 successful businesses

*live in my highest vibration where I no longer have to hustle and chase

*and most importantly, I am happy and at peace and genuinely enjoying life


If my message and energy resonates with you and you're ready to invest in yourself please use the INVEST button above to register for my group program. I cannot wait to see you inside! Questions/comments email me at or message me on Instagram @thrivs

Let's work together.




  • B.A. Honors Sociology

  • Extensive study in Psychology

  • Extensive Yoga of the Breath, Meditation and Energetics teacher training

  • 20+ years experience consulting with clients

  • 20+ years teaching groups ranging in size from 4-100 people

  • 20+ experience developing training material



I really enjoyed the Stepping into Your Power program, and I’m so glad I chose to take it. The program is flexible to anyones schedule, and concepts are put into simple steps that are easily incorporated into my daily routine. I also love being able to share and respond safely with others about the topics in the private Facebook Group page. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to build confidence, strength, and a sense of peace in themselves. 


The rule book to staying in your power.


Stepping into Your Power was exactly what I needed, even when I didn’t know it. Dagmara is extremely pleasant and radiant! I loved the journal prompts that helped me to get me out of my head and onto paper and really helped me move through my “stuff”.


Thank you so much for being you and being here. I’m truly, deeply grateful for our paths crossing. I look to you as a mentor. As a version of myself who has lived a little bit more life and constructed tools, paths and outlets to serve other women. Such an inspiration. You are beautiful. What you do is beautiful. And unique. 

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