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One-on-One Private Mentorship

Private one-on-one coaching container

uniquely curated for you.

Aloha Beautiful Soul!

Welcome! My one-on-one mentorship containers are my absolute favorite way to work with my clients. We dive deep!
The THrīv Abundance 1:1 Mentorship package is a 3 month highly personalized container in which I work one-on-one with you to help you get clear on your vision, and help make it a reality. I teach you super potent tools and techniques that you can use daily to start creating major shifts in your life. My goal for all my clients is to achieve their vision, and live a blissed out life where all areas of their life are in balance and resonating at the highest vibration.
Meet your mentor, Dagmara
I am a mentor, a healer, a guide, an activator, and an entrepreneur. I am proud of everything I have achieved and created and am beyond excited to teach other women to do the same.

I work with you to:
• Get clear on your vision and purpose for your personal, business and love life
• Get you unstuck and moving in the right direction
• Show you how to design the life you have always desired
• Clean up and renew your energy
• Calm the nervous system
• Give you the tools and confidence to breakthrough limiting beliefs and no longer be available for that which no longer serves you
• Master emotional intelligence to not engage in negative thought spirals and self sabotage
• Ignite Passion in your relationships (including the one with yourself)
• Create a space for you to transform, upgrade your life and become the best version of yourself
• Show you just how powerful you are
• Financial Organization/Management/Advising
• I love working with women to clean up their finances and their money stories.
The Freedom to be successful in a business is the focus. To be able to experience Financial Freedom. Being able to have a net worth in the millions in alignment with one’s soul integrity is my goal for every single one of my clients. Achieving this for myself has been so deeply satisfying and I love mentoring others to do the same.


What's included?


• Access to my energy, support & coaching (during normal business hours) 

• Text and voice messaging (using private app - Voxer)

• Weekly 60-90 min call sessions (1 per week)

• Powerful tools provided between weekly sessions to ensure your growth and progress is super potent and continuous 

• Stepping into Your Power (my signature self-study program, more info here:


If you are serious about initiating this next level for yourself please email me at or message me on Instagram @thrivs to invest.


I cannot wait to meet you! 

With Aloha,


Email me to book:

Get to know me deeper...

Welcome! I'm so glad you found me. My passion is working with women and supporting them to become the best versions of themselves. Most often the woman is at the heart and centre of every home. Her pace and mood sets the mood of the home. When a woman is healthy, feels supported and thriving, her partner, family and closest circle thrive as well. Her marriage and relationships are peaceful and full of joy.

I am honoured to work with a variety of women and humbled to see the transformation that takes place. Stress melts. RADIANCE remains.

My goal is for my clients to achieve a BLISSED out life where all areas of their life are in BALANCE and RESONATING at the HIGHEST VIBRATION. Over the years I have worked hard to accomplish this for myself and my family and it is now my privilege and passion to work with others to help them realize their vision and dreams.


My simple, yet highly effective techniques have allowed me to:

• heal childhood trauma

• raise a thriving family where my three boys are genuinely happy and on their way to achieving great things

• have a sexy & sensual relationship and marriage to my adoring husband for 30 years

• live in my dream home at the base of a beautiful mountain range in Hawaii overlooking the ocean

• an owner and entrepreneur of 3 successful businesses

• live in my highest vibration where I no longer have to hustle and chase

• and most importantly, I am happy and at peace and genuinely enjoying life


If my message and energy resonates with you and you're ready to invest in yourself please email me at or message me on Instagram @thrivs to invest.




  • B.A. Honors Sociology

  • Extensive study in Psychology

  • Extensive Yoga of the Breath, Meditation and Energetics teacher training

  • Completion of Level 1 and 2 Teaching training in Breathwork, Meditation and Knowledge

  • 20+ years experience consulting with clients

  • 20+ years teaching groups ranging in size from 4-100 people

  • 20+ experience developing training material

Let's work together.





I’m so grateful to you for everything! For sharing this with me, for taking the time, for creating such a beautiful program! 


My first comment is 6 weeks is probably not enough.  It is incredible how much rich info you condensed into a very thoughtful package. There were a few weeks that we covered a lot and on those heavier - thought provoking-change your life weeks, having less to process would likely allow for more time to ponder and work through it. Even if on those weeks, the session was shorter- if you needed it to be.

I also found that having the journal questions sent regularly worked really well for me - although it felt busy, initially, I found it kept me really focused and I liked having them spaced out. 


The daily meditation has been such a beautiful profound change for me. I have never kept up a meditation practice so consistently for so long. And it’s power amazes me every day. 


The affirmations have changed me and my whole family. It’s changed my attention, my relationships, the kids confidence and mine. My morning daily practice has really enriched my life. I keep getting caught on the “my past does not define me” affirmation - and how much of the patterns in my life are related to my views of who I was based on what I’ve experienced and done/not done. I’ve started running, and am learning to play the guitar, I’ve changed the way I dress and how I act as a result. 


The journalling, the stream of consciousness practices, inner child work were pretty amazing and revealing. 


I was hoping to simplify my life and I have definitely taken some big steps towards that. I don’t feel like I’m 100% there - but I’m certainly further than I was and our home feels it. 


Insights are too many to number. I’m discovering my femininity. I’m a more patient, and trying to be more playful wife and mother. I’m more intentional with my life. My laundry pile is smaller.  And easier. :) 

My meal plan is easier and my grocery buying is better. 


I so feel the need to review all my notes from the last few months - I feel I’ll learn something new a second time looking through. 


I love you and from the bottom of my heart I thank you for everything and for this beautiful course. You are the wisest person I know and the fact that you can condense your wisdom into such a concise course is remarkable. It’s very rich!! 



Laura K.,

Nurse Practitioner/Wife/Mother


I simply love working with you. I know this page is speaking directly to our container, and it’s magical from my end. There are not words sufficient to describe how much I love them and you.

Social Work

I have had several years of inconsistently meditating. While I understood its value and personally experienced its benefits, meditation seemed difficult to incorporate in my busy life as a parent and spouse with a full time job while also starting a new business. I would get down on myself when I just could not find the time for my own needs. Taking these workshops modeled and taught self-compassion is the goal and meditation is the means. This change in perspective was a major game changer and has helped me tremendously. 


Thank you so much for this amazing lesson.

Forever grateful

Julia R.,

Attending Dagmara’s program gave me the knowledge and confidence to create a practice specific to my needs.  Dagmara nurtures her students with positivity as she thoughtfully teaches and inspires.    

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