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Now available for purchase.

Available on replay with Lifetime access.

Join me as we dive deep into the SACRED KNOWLEDGE of


Our cycles are sacred. 

Our cycles are so greatly misunderstood.

From a young age we are taught that they are our burden to carry.


We learn to have an aversion to them, to be embarrassed of them.

To dread them and the Luteal phase where many of us feel volatile or fragile.

At the mercy of them.

And so the cycle continues. 

What if instead we were raised to see our cycle as...


- the gift that it is.

- an opportunity.

What if we lived in a culture that


From which all life springs forth.


Well Dear Friend, culture begins at home.

It starts with me and it starts with you.


So I invite you to join me...

For a conversation where we 

dive deep into the knowledge of our sacred cycles and the power that this gift holds for all women (whether you are still cycling or not).


We will explore...

- How to work with the energy of our cycles & not against it

- How to use our cycles to become energetic powerhouses and feel

RADIANT and excited about life

- How to use our cycles to become more productive

- How to tap into this energy even if you no longer have a cycle

If are no longer cycling, I want you to understand that this process, this

sacred knowledge, this energy, is still available to you. 

It is universal and is your birthright!!!

I can't wait to share more with you.

See you inside.

Once payment is made (using "INVEST HERE" button below and you've created a Login Profile using the "Log In" link in the upper right hand corner of the website, please allow a maximum of 24 hours for your account to be created in our database and for you to be granted the appropriate permission roles to access the program.  

With love & aloha,


Client Love

Laura S.

Dagmara I just finished your Mahina program! I'm truly so thankful for your knowledge and light. I feel so inspired after watching your video. It has always been something that interested me as a woman but never had the chance to learn about it. You have put this knowledge in a simple and sacred way to understand it and honor it.

Thank you so much.

Rachel J.

I am so glad I took the Mahina Workshop from Dagmara. I always thought of my period as a burden to bear because of the physical and emotional pain that come with it every month. She taught me how to work with my cycle rhythms to help minimize this pain. I now look to my menstrual cycle as sacred and a time to recharge instead of powering through it.

Laura K.

Thank you so much for this program. It was so beautiful and so graceful. I loved it and loved sharing it with my daughter as well. It started the conversation.

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