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Money & Wealth Codes

Financial Retreat with a Spiritual Twist



Aloha Beautiful Soul!

I believe it is every woman’s birthright to be financially independent.

Not to boast or flex, but to feel SAFE and SECURE.

How differently would you show up/move in your life if you knew you had a sizeable portfolio/net worth that you felt held and supported by?

In my newest program:



You will experience the 3 main components of wealth and money building:

1. Innerwork

2. Energetics 

3. Strategy

The sessions are a blend of learning and experiencing.

An opportunity to identify and heal possible money blocks & leaks.

Learn key strategies to create lasting wealth.

Receive a road map to attain Financial Independence/build a 7 figure net worth in your life.

Receive instructions on how to conduct your very own Money Date for you (and your partner if you wish).

Calibrate your nervous system to be able to receive, hold and build money and wealth.

To truly anchor into this as your birthright.


Module 1: Clearing

What is your money story?

Identifying your limiting beliefs (conscious and unconscious).

Your Vision and why you get to have it.

Energetic clearing. Creating space to receive.


Module 2: Receiving

Money & Wealth Codes transmission.

Receiving the Money & Wealth Codes.


Module 3: Calibration

Selecting and Calibrating to your highest timeline.

Calibrating to the money & wealth codes received.

Creating your own financial freedom & independence roadmap.


Module 4: Integration

Integrating to make your vision, your plan, your highest timeline, be your new normal.


What makes me qualified:

I come from a long line of entrepreneurs and THrivs is my 4th business.

My 2nd and 3rd business collectively grossed multiple 7 figures.

I’ve owned and managed corporation, LLC, Sole-proprietorship and partnership both in the US and Canada.

I have extensive experience working with Finance departments, Directors, VPs, Controllers, and CIOs of higher education institutions for 20+ years.

I am a spiritual entrepreneur where embodiment, and integrity are at the center of my business.

Meaning I don’t just talk about it, I’ve actually done it:

For those of you new to my world, I went from $40K in debt to a net worth of multiple 7 figures. 

I did not inherit it. I manifested it and built it. 


Now it's your turn!



Payment plans available:

2 monthly installments of $288 each

3 monthly installments of $192

4 monthly installments of $144

Message me for custom payment plan link:

Once payment is made (using "INVEST HERE" button below and you've created a Login Profile using the "Log In" link in the upper right hand corner of the website, please allow a maximum of 24 hours for your account to be created in our database and for you to be granted the appropriate permission roles to access the program.  

With Love and Aloha,


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