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Going Deeper

Deeper Healing Breathwork Program

God, Source, Universe is waiting to work through you and

co-create with you.

But first you need to become HOLLOW & EMPTY.



Aloha Beautiful Soul!


Growing up, so many of us were taught to be the good girl. 

(Good Catholic girl in my case.)

To follow rules, fall in line, and not make waves. 


Indirectly what this taught us is to disassociate from our bodies and live mostly up in our heads.

To not check in with our heart and assess the state of our heart space. 

Is it open and empty? Or does it feel like there is some pressure there?

Is something taking up space?

Did you get to be your truest self, or did you go through life with a rock placed directly on your chest?

Close your eyes and travel down from your heart space and into your root at the base of your spine.

How does that feel?

Does it feel open?

Or is it tight and closed up?

Do you feel safe enough to let it open and remain open?

Or does it feel more like you are holding and closing this area of your body?


Now let’s travel back up the spine and into the throat. How are you feeling there?

Does it feel constricted? Is there a tightness? 

Or does it feel open and expanded?


Overall does your body feel light?

Or dense and heavy?


Open and receptive?

Or constricted and closed?


The answer might be…both

Or maybe it just depends on the day, the week, the month.

But this check in with the body is so important to do often.


When I check in with my body, most of the time it feels:

 -open and clear

-free of constriction, tightness, or heaviness

-there are no blocks

-my Shushumi channel is clear

-my chakras are open

However, I’m not going to lie, there are times where even after 23 years of teaching this sacred knowledge, and practicing it daily, I will at times 

still experience the density, tightness and blocked chakras.


The difference is I refuse to stay stuck there.

I use the breath, and more specifically my signature DEEPER BREATHWORK PRACTICE

to get rid of all that is weighing me down.

The negative emotions, the stress, the traumatic imprints, & negative life experiences. 




We are born hollow and empty.

It is only through life experiences, that we take on the density of those negative experiences.


We take on the stress of our environment.

We take on the stress of those we come into contact with.

And this stress stays stored in our bodies.


The negative experiences in and of themselves are not so detrimental to our health and well-being. The issue is when we do not know how to move that density and stress out of our bodies and allow it to linger and make a home in our heart and the rest of our chakras.

I believe it is every woman’s birthright to be HOLLOW & EMPTY.



WHY? So that we can truly receive.

When we are hollow and empty, we become

a clear channel, a vessel, an instrument.


God, Source, Universe is waiting to work through you and co-create with you

But first you need to become HOLLOW & EMPTY.


This is why I talk about trauma and stress and the importance of moving all of the low vibrations and the density out of the system so that we can feel that FREEDOM of being HOLLOW & EMPTY and be in a place of RECEPTIVITY.

Why do we do Inner work?

Why do we have a Spiritual practice?

A Breathwork & Meditation practice?

 We do it to ground, to regulate and bring our bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) back into homeostasis and to


To get rid of all that is weighing us down.

The negative emotions, the stress, the traumatic imprints, & negative life experiences. 

That is the goal.

To rid the body of it all.

When we are hollow and empty, we are in a space of receptivity.

We are able to experience a deep sense of peace, be able to listen and allow divine inspiration to flow through us.

Allowing us to be the MUSE that we came here to be.



This program is a continuation of the Stepping into Your Power program (my signature program) and serves as an opportunity to go deeper and receive a much deeper clearing, healing and nervous system reset.

The jewel of this program is the "Deeper Healing Breathwork Session".


1: Cleansing & Calming Breathwork Technique


Preparing the stage.

2-3 min technique to set the stage for your 

Deeper Healing Breathwork Session


This is a calming, cleansing pranayama breathing technique.


This technique will purify or cleanse the body's energy channels.

At its core, this ancient breathing technique is a way to clear the passageways of the body to make room for prana, or life force energy, to move freely.


This breathing technique has a calming effect on the nervous system, relaxes the body and mind, reduces anxiety, lowers your heart rate, and promotes well being.


About 20 years ago, scientific research proved the theory behind this breathwork technique:

that breathing through the left nostril increases the activity in the right side of the brain while breathing through the right nostril stimulates the left side of the brain.

Although this breathing technique is part of the 5-7 min Daily Practice that I teach in the Stepping into Your Power program, it can also be done on its own in preparation for a deeper healing or prior to meditation. 

It is a way to quickly move into a meditative state and set the stage for a deeper purging and healing.

(I typically use this breath as part of my afternoon meditation. I will sit down and do this breath for 2-3 minutes and then sit in meditation.)

2: Deeper Healing Breathwork Session

A sacred 20-30 min process.

This is a sacred process.

A Sacred Secret.

It comes directly from Source.

Channeled by Enlightened Beings. 

It has been guarded for years.

Some say it changes your karma.

Personally I have seen it change the course and trajectory of life for thousands of individuals including myself.


It is a beautiful process.

A 20-30 min deep clearing and healing breathwork session.

A reset.


It will allow you to PURGE THE DENSITY (to get rid of all that is weighing you down) and 

bring your bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) back into homeostasis.

As an added bonus it will 

increase your lung capacity, allowing you to breathe slower and deeper

Strengthen your nervous system

Purify your bloodstream

Energize, stimulate and wake you up

Increase your vitality


Ending the Trauma and What That Looks Like

The Mother Wound


The mother wound is a doozy and here’s why…


We each have a mother. 

And many of us have an unhealed mother wound. 


The mother child relationship is a foundational relationship. 

The mother child relationship is where we first learn about love.

And love is one of the highest vibrations on the emotional guidance scale. 

Through love and our experience with our mother we learn about worthiness and our sense of being worthy.

Understanding that we matter and are enough begins to take shape. 

Not feeling worthy makes us feel like we're taking up too much space.


Now why does this matter?

Because not only is LOVE OXYGEN it is also responsible for everything in our life including our current reality (our spouse's reality and the reality of our children).


Your current emotional state (emotional vibration) is an indication of what the Law of Attraction will send back your way. 

The higher up the scale, the more positive the vibrational output. Simply put, when we’re feeling good, we experience more good things.


Therefore, there has to be an end to the trauma.

And speaking from experience, there is an end point to the trauma.


The world of innerwork and self development will have you believing that you are never truly healed and constantly need to be doing inner work and I just don’t buy it!

I’m not available for it and I don’t think you need to be either.

Now it's your turn!



Payment plans available:


2 instalments of $244

4 instalments of $122

Message me for custom payment plan link:

Once payment is made (using "INVEST HERE" button below and you've created a Login Profile using the "Log In" link in the upper right hand corner of the website, please allow a maximum of 24 hours for your account to be created in our database and for you to be granted the appropriate permission roles to access the program.  

With Love and Aloha,




Dagmara, you will always be very special to me. I healed so much after your course. 

Thank you. Kind regards.


Had to take a minute to tell you what a profound and pillar of healing you, your work and our work together has had on me. And, the funny thing is - I'm just now realizing how allllll the pieces are fitting together.

With the Breathwork I've been able to listen. To deeply heal hurts and traumas that I never have been able to access before (or through traditional therapy). You were right. My body. My soul. Has the answers. My connection to source and LOVE is fully open and I'm fully aware and healing is pouring in - channeling messages of love. This is the beginning and I'm so deeply grateful. Thank you!!!


Thank you so much for being you and being here. I’m truly, deeply grateful for our paths crossing. I look to you as a mentor. As a version of myself who has lived a little bit more life and constructed tools, paths and outlets to serve other women. Such an inspiration. You are beautiful. What you do is beautiful. And unique. 

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