Every Day You Choose Your Health

Years ago, while I was getting an adjustment from my Doctor of Osteopathy here on Oahu, he said, “Every day you choose your health.” At the time, I didn’t fully understand what he was talking about. Sadly, self-care was new to me at the time.

Today I woke up and I wasn’t feeling a 100%. But here’s what I’ve learned to do when this happens. I acknowledge it but don’t give it too much attention and just get on with my day. I have a morning routine which I have practiced for the past 20 years. It’s my rock. It’s what primes me for the day and allows me to remain calm and present, rain or shine. So I just got to it and did the work. As I finished, I became aware of how amazing I felt. My energy was high, I felt vibrant, high on life and in complete gratitude.

It was a good reminder to not pay too much heed to how we feel at any given time, especially when we first wake up. It’s an important reminder that the choices we make on a daily basis do affect our health and wellbeing.

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