Origin of the THriv workshops

Twenty years ago, I started on a healing journey. I was fresh out of school and consulting for my first client – a university. One day, I was on my break and bumped into one of my co-workers, a co-op student, in the ladies’ room. I asked her if she meditated or did yoga. (To this day I am not sure what possessed me to ask her that.) She was so surprised by my question. She grabbed my arm and told me all about a workshop she was organizing. It was to be held that weekend and how I just had to take it. I wasn’t really interested but I told her that I would talk to my boyfriend since we already had plans and get back to her. I thought, for sure, there is no way he would be interested in this sort of thing. So I went home and talked to him about it, assuming he would be my out. He completely floored me by saying let’s do it. And so I did.

The workshop was completely transformational. It started me on a path to bliss and balance. A healing journey back to the self. The techniques worked and I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone I knew. For years my husband and I travelled, studied and trained. Eventually we became yoga of the breath and spiritual teachers. When we were teaching all of the proceeds were donated to service projects. This was truly a labor of love. Financially we supported ourselves and our family by running a private IT/Project Management Consulting business. We continued to teach for a few years and then work and raising our children took over our life. By the time our second son was 3 and our first was 5, we had to step back from teaching.

I read something years ago and it has really stayed with me, that in order to raise your children well you should focus on feeding and clothing them, essentially take care of their basic needs and then work on yourself. This for me underscored the importance of self-care and inner-work for mothers.

Before I became a teacher myself, I sent many of my friends, the majority of them mothers, to take the workshops, so that they too could benefit. Although all of them really enjoyed the course and found it helpful, none of them were able to keep up with the at home practice because it was simply too long. Life always tended to get in the way.

When I started teaching myself, I tended to notice the same pattern, that fulltime employees, university students and mothers with children greatly benefited from the knowledge and techniques but were not able to keep it up at home.

Once I had children, there were also periods of time where I was not able to keep up the practice either. I recognized it’s amazing benefits and knew I had to figure out a way to fit it in. I started adjusting the practice to be family friendly. In the end, I created a 5-7 min daily program that is much more sustainable by mothers, those working full-time and students. This is what I now teach in my workshops and private one-on-one sessions. What I’ve observed so far is that even mothers working full-time with small children at home are able to keep up this daily practice. They recognize the positive difference it has made in their life and on the days they are not able to do it, they definitely notice a difference.

With Aloha,


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