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Hi, I'm Dagmara. Welcome! I'm so glad you found me. My passion is working with women and supporting them to become the best versions of themselves. Most often the woman is at the heart and centre of every home. Her pace and mood sets the mood of the home. When a woman is healthy, feels supported and thriving, her partner, family and closest circle thrive as well. Her marriage and relationships are peaceful and full of joy.

I am honoured to work with a variety of women and humbled to see the transformation that takes place. Stress melts. Radiance remains.

I am humbled by the testimonials of my work. Please read them if you would like to get a better understanding of what to expect. Click here: Testimonials link


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Aloha Beautiful!

Welcome! I mentor women who have a vision of what they want their home and professional life to look like but need help making that vision a reality. My goal is for my clients to achieve a BLISSED out life where all areas of their life are in BALANCE and RESONATING at the HIGHEST VIBRATION. 

Over the years I have worked hard to accomplish this for myself and my family and it is now my privilege and passion to work with others to help them realize their vision and dreams. My simple, yet highly effective techniques have allowed me to:

* heal childhood trauma
*raise a thriving family where my three boys are genuinely happy and on their way to achieving great things
*have a sexy & sensual relationship and marriage to my adoring husband for 27 years
*live in my dream home at the base of a beautiful mountain range in Hawaii overlooking the ocean
*achieve financial freedom where I no longer have to worry about money and feel completely taken care of
*an owner and entrepreneur of 4 successful businesses
*live in my highest vibration where I no longer have to hustle and chase
*and most importantly, I am happy and at peace and genuinely enjoying life

If my message and energy resonates with you and you're ready to invest in yourself please message or email me at dagmara@thrivs.com

Let's work together.

Looking forward to working with you!

With Aloha,

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"Dagmara is one of the wisest people I know. She is so grounded and real. Every time I connect with her, it feeds my soul and I become more mindful."

Laura K.